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Application Form
Section 1: Main Application Details

Preferred date of test
Test city location
Lastname (Family/Surname)
First (given) name(s)
Which IELTS test module are you taking?(Choose one box only)

Please note that it is the candidate's responsibility to select the test module that best meets there needs. The General Training module is not availiable on every test date

Please note you will only be sent one copy of your results
E-mail address
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Candidate's taking the test outside their own country must use a current passport.
You must bring the ID document indicated below to the test. This is the only form of identity that will be accepted on the test day.
The document must be valid/not expired at registration and on test day.
International Passport

Section 2: Application Details

Country of Nationality (name)
Language Name
Occupation (Level)
Why are you taking the test?
Which country are you applying to/intending to go to
Where are you currently studing English if (applicable)?
What level of education have you completed? (choose one box only)
How many years have you been studing English? (choose one box only)
Do you have a permanent disability, such as a visual, healing or specific learning difficulty, which requires special arrangements (for example, modified material, extra time, use of techonology, etc)?